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Travel Using Just a Carry On - It Can Be Done!

If I’m going on a trip abroad, I prefer to use a carry-on piece of luggage that I don’t have to check…unless I want to. I must admit that I do sometimes check my carry on, if I’m tired of rolling it, but for the most part, I prefer the convenience of not having to go to baggage claim if I can help it.

I do have some preferences on what I pack in my carry on, in addition to clothes. One thing I don’t over pack, toiletries. I will try to use the ones the hotels provide. In my experience, they use nice brands and that way I don’t have to take time to fill up my travel bottles. I will have to bring a few essentials, but shampoo and conditioner are items I can skip.

But, on to what I do pack clothing-wise. I try to stick with a color palette that is interchangeable. I want everything to work together so towards the end of the trip I am not completely disgusted with my clothing options.

Pack comfortable shoes that you have worn multiple times before your trip. And I cannot state this enough, bring more than one pair of shoes. I try to bring a couple of pairs of flats and one sensible heel just to mix it up. Make sure the heels are sensible, because, you know, cobblestones.

For the flight portion of each trip I get two pairs of fuzzy socks at Dollar Tree. On a long flight you’re going to want to kick off your shoes and the floor of the plane can be dirty, so I throw the socks away after each long flight.

I like to bring a couple of healthy snacks in my carry on or my purse. An apple and some nuts are usually what grab as I am running to jump into my Uber.

I also like to bring little travel sized packages of baby wipes and Clorox wipes, again, from the Dollar Tree. The baby wipes double as make-up wipes and spot removers. And sometimes wiping things down with a Clorox wipe makes me feel better!

I also recommend purchasing one of the RFID passport wallets that you wear around your neck and can slip under your clothing. These travel pouches prevent your credit cards from being scanned and your information stolen.

And finally, the things I can’t live without, sunglasses, portable phone charger, hand sanitizer, Tide To Go pens and a large scarf that can double as a blanket!

Happy packing!

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